Satisfied by Over the Top Business Services?

In this tough environment of competitive business organizations will have to be able to satisfy all of their customers and not just their loyalists. Too many businesses with great services models and potential often fall into the trap of adjusting their business to primarily meet the demands of their long term customers. After all the data comes in about consumer buying habits businesses and organizations are particularly focused on reaching and satisfying all of their customer demographics.
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The fall numbers are coming in much better for retailers and small businesses needing to upgrade their technology infrastructure. Still the bottom line comes down to the raw sales numbers. In Americas economy we can see the scaling back of big box malls and retailer storefront locations. Many seem to suggest that the big online retailers like Amazon and Ebay are the storefronts for the future right here today. Sure these companies drive a large percentage of online commerce, but overall total online retail sale equal a little less than 10 percent of all retail activity in the United States. This all means that 90% of the marketplace actually finds deals from smaller businesses, and customers are only going back to businesses for a second go around if they are thoroughly satisfied with the services that they received.

With the high costs and overhead of retail office space business services are carving out their niche online. Organizations are beginning to understand how they can capitalize on attracting an everyday customer immediately by executing a customized digital marketing strategy. As the percentages of online retail consumers grows their will be a need for futuristic customer service professions that will continue sprouting about online. As these customer services models continue to expand online larger percentages of customers will utilize these quasi automated service systems. Professionals will be employed to train, develop, program, and sell systems which equate to traditional concierge services in the hospitality industry.

Businesses in the technology industry are preparing for the shift. They are preparing to be very lean and cost efficient, and they are preparing to continue to not only deliver their niche services beyond expectations, but they must become comfortable with delivering a more personal experience for customers by developing customized technology applications. Customer Relationship Management platforms have been the talk of the last few years and they give small businesses a  big advantage. CRMs allow regular mom and pop service operations’ to experience and put into action a wealth of opportunity management situations.

You cannot just make assumptions that customers are satisfied with the overall service that you have provided to them. You do not have to guess either. CRMs are remarkably customisable and even a whole new industry of Customer Service Relationship Management Software providers have even carved out their own industry in recent years. Using customer management and contact management tools, businesses can integrate these tools into the culture of their business acquisition teams. Getting the whole organization familiar with customer interaction procedures greatly increases the opportunity of not only making the sale, but increasing the satisfaction level of your long term customers. 
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Welcome to our blog page

It can be a tough experience to find and make valuable connections in the current and future state of business. That is why we have set out on a mission to educate and inform our audience on the many changes that can have a direct effect on how small and large sized companies go about doing their daily business practices.

Stay in touch to find out not only what we as an agency has been up to, but also how the industry and the world around is ever changing.

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“What is your biggest challenge when it comes to marketing your book?”

Recently BookFuel asked for my perspective on the indie author marketing process. I was asked, “What is your biggest challenge when it comes to marketing your book?” The short answer for BookFuel is pretty cut and dry for most authors. Most authors lack the time and motivation to master all of the facets surrounding the digital and print publication process. therefor their overall marketing campaigns fail. Marketing is usually the last element of the publication process that is on the mind of almost every independent author that has set their own deadlines for publishing their work.

The marketing process should be integrated into the publication production process. Thus, the overall marketing budget that is needed for marketing the book, when it’s ready for print, is considerably less.  Authors need to understand that their marketing budgets need to work in conjunction with the production of their work.

I’ve seen independent authors in the marketplace with talented manuscripts, but they are unable to move their project forward because they are stuck in a do it yourself mindset. BookFuel and other directory sites with valuable information for authors are available, with referring agencies. These agencies provide competitive price points for their editing, proofing, ghostwriting, and publishing services, but in many cases indie authors do not understand the inner workings of the publishing business. Therefore, these authors are unable to determine if and/or when they are being taken advantage of.

A gradual trust of digital professionals needs to come from independent authors and authors in general. Integrated marketing and publishing procedures are usually being handled these days by emerging digital marketing agencies, similar to my own.  Digital agencies that specialize in digital publishing are out there and willing to provide the necessary services for authors that need to publish work on a tight budget. Authors should educate themselves thoroughly and only trust accurate information about prospective digital publishers that could have a chance at reviewing, editing, marketing, and arranging print distribution of their work.

More trust and honestly on both sides is the real answer. I back these answers with years of experience managing publication projects from start to publication channel management, and distribution.


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What are your customers considering?


See What Customers are Considering…

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Growing Your Enterprise through Barter


   Become involved in the fastest growing economy of trade and commerce. Find opportunities to save your business money and grow your customer loyalty base through a variety of existing barter exchanges.

…  More Here!



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Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC Brand Moves Forward in Media and Radio with RBR WALLSTREET


RBR WALLSTREET is the digital economic solution creating productive empowerment to businesses and organizations in any market condition. The RBR WALLSTREET radio show will air weekly on WGIV Radio Charlotte and will be hosted by Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC founders Leathia S. Hart and Garland McLaughlin.

The Soul of Charlotte WGIV Radio will be hosting RBR WALLSTREET’s show.  WGIV is the oldest running African-American owned radio station in the United States. With 70 years of service, and counting, the radio station provides current and contemporary programming. Through economic initiative community oriented programs and networking Garland L. McLaughlin, CEO of publishing brand “Exquisite Conglomerate”, has combined digital publishing and media distribution on a whole other scale. The return on the RBR WALLSTREET digital economic initiative program equals more jobs, revenue, opportunity, and community sustainability.

The total partnerships involved in moving RBR WALLSTREET forward at this point have grown from 0 to more than 11 in the span of 2 months. “It was vitally important for our partnerships to be well grounded and pushing forward for a new kind of digital economy”, is what Mr. McLaughlin would remark throughout the engagement and negotiation processes during multiple partnership conference calls, and meetings. Well thought out projects such as RBR PR Academy ( and Exquisite Barista Services ( layered the foundations for quickly collaborating business and revenue driven initiative alliances under the current sustained market conditions.

RBR WALLSTREET is the digital economic solution creating productive empowerment to businesses and organizations in any market condition. RBR WALLSTREET is the essential for supporting a weak economy, and the collaborative platform is essential for building the strongest digital economy of valued digital assets. With over 70 years of service WGIV Radio Charlotte has proven in many ways how they are able to currently continue to be a relevant force within radio. By providing media and radio services throughout 8 digital communications channels WGIV has a monthly audience of 60,000 individuals. WGIV provides a global and superior reach compared to the current mainstream and traditional methods of broadcasting.

The RBR WALLSTREET radio show will air weekly on WGIV Radio Charlotte and will be hosted by Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC founders Leathia S. Hart and Garland McLaughlin. Since transitioning through RBR WALLSTREET the “Exquisite Conglomerate” brand has been able to successfully secure profitable options through their service driven internal brands Exquisite Barista Services, RBR PR ACADEMY, and Exquisite Conglomerate Communications.

The Host and Co-Host of RBR WALLSTREET on WGIV Radio will be bringing forward a radio show that provides the digital community with technology and business solutions. Related topics of discussion include the issues of the day as they relate to society and our current digital economy.

RBR WALLSTREET – “Revealing Better Resources”

Quick Link to RBR WALLSTREET –


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Time Delays In Creating New Business


There is a process stifling the way business moves forward in the digital business arena. The request for proposal process hasn’t been used as a technique by my agency in a while now. Businesses need to catch on and stop letting their creative passion to be lost all because their potential clients want to practice an out dated method of doing business.


I know personally when I was doing them I spent time analyzing this and got data proofs for that, the thought always came across to me, “What am I really showing the client…? Everything seems to come across as being just a smart theory on paper.” Yea the RFP process is a process of trial and error every time, and the client always wants to know what are going to be the precise methods of execution. Cost is never an issue, not really. The questions from prospective clients always fall outside of the narrow parameters of the RFP. Of course I noticed this and I had the answers for the client, but this would always mean my team was going to have to rework the proposal. I hated doing this, and I learned to stop doing this.


We moved our agency along by simply relying on an internal case study process. We made up in our minds and decided to identify who are clients really are. Progress quickly began to happen through our process. We evaluated the revenue producing products and services that our clients had in place, and verbally explained in depth what the analysis revealed. In person, skype, and conference call closing meetings are the way to go. The body language of the client is 90% of the communications needed to close the deal. Verbal communication gives up at least 50% of the communication needed to close the deals. Both processes develop a more trustworthy attitude from the clients, and both methods do something special for the confidence of executive leadership closing the deal. On both sides business begins to happen in a more predictive manner.


People tend to become quite annoyed when they are presented unnecessary information about their company, and about how your marketing agency is the best. Requests for proposals just don’t get to the point. RFPs don’t talk more about what falls in line for what clients need. When we figured out how to be creative in the way we approach clients we began to see positive results. In my opinion the process seems more casual than business like, this is when our agency began closing deals of all kinds quicker.


Sure, in every business there is a business and administrative process, but paper work should be light. If the client has their own set of documents that they want to use to complete the transaction that’s fine. So why inundate the client with your unnecessary paper work to be reviewed by the clients executive administrators. This will only delay your business the opportunity to acquire new business revenue from clients right away. Let’s face it there a plenty of ways to obtain new business without straining your new business opportunities.



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Education and Teaching PR Principles Bring Partnership Course Module Together

The partnership between Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC and RBR PR Academy brings together more than just experience and demonstration capabilities. The partnership combines resources through educational training. We have been developing the RBR PR Academy institution for a little under 1 year now, and is now fully launched. This summer and fall of 2016 we will begin transforming students of marketing and giving them a fresh start, ahead of their peers.


My mission with RBR PR Academy is to get students the right marketing education, and to provide students with a better view for securing a productive career path. In many cases throughout the past few years career and entrepreneurial training has been made available to the public, but the values of these training programs were very limited. Through RBR PR Academy valuable training, connections, and opportunities are available for those that select to pursue career paths in business marketing and public relations.
I’m very proud to be a part of the Executive Leadership Team for RBR PR Academy. As the Program Director, a digital marketing training module designer, and instructor it will be an especially rewarding experience to see students fully engaged in multi versed communication practices. I’m looking forward to developing and cultivating the future generations of digital marketing professionals.

If you have ever had the desire to pursue a successful career in advertising, digital marketing, or public relations you need to register for the next session of RBR PR Academy. Our Executive Team of professional instructors will guide students through a 6-8 week course, and upon successful completion students are offered career placement opportunities through RBR PR & Advertising and Partners.

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The Digital Demonstration



Within the last couple of years the digital marketing profession has taken off. Marketing professionals with hints of interest in exploring digital marketing have discovered the complex nature of the business. One particular firm pays attention to satisfying there customers through online and social selling while another firm may simply only sell customer relationship management tools. Quite often it will be impossible for businesses to bridge the gap between real time and digital time. The gap will never be filled, and this would certainly be the case for a business that did not put cost efficient digital processes into place, at their own expense.

It’s not simple advertising anymore and digital marketing is made to look easy. A complete digital strategy never looks or sounds like an easy task to be executed, it just works perfectly.

You don’t have to look far to see plenty of digital retailers that have devised schemes to align their niche digital application as being the best in market. Sometimes other applications are needed to work in conjunction with the “best in market” device. In other cases the retailer suggests that customers upgrade their services by purchasing more expensive service packages.

The digital marketing professional has much to look out for as well. These professionals have a constant craving for passionately delivering improved services with every new client. An efficient digital marketer is always looking for ways to incorporate the latest application into their overall digital strategies, not just sell the application. A real digital marketing professional isn’t a technology solutions sales representative. Professional marketers, in one form or another, can demonstrate how individual digital marketing communications skills are used in the field.

The industry has turned to giving the right information to potential customers, and marketing professionals need to take time and absorb a couple of lessons in conducting digital marketing practices. Eben Pagan is a leading marketing professional with an expertise in everything marketing. Mr. Pagan has created 10 businesses with the purpose of teaching others how to succeed by using his marketing strategies and techniques. Mr. Pagan has created training modules and online instructional courses that have gained attention from everyday people, as well as marketing professionals the world over. Mr. Pagan is able to tie traditional marketing concepts with digital marketing strategy and execution tactics. This is all explained through various online modules and video lectures Mr. Pagan is featured in.

“Effective Marketing Strategies” with Eben Pagan

Video –

As a digital marketing professional I have also entered the ring, and see the value of giving digital marketing instruction to those who are interested. “Demonstrations of Digital Marketing Professionalism” was published this year and is currently giving people an inside view into the world of digital marketing. The book is 12 chapters long and focuses on practicing the routines that create examples of well- rounded marketing professionals. Some of the techniques and skills are easy to learn others take time to develop.

cover and spine

As a writer and digital publisher I’m constantly working to create more value and benefits for my readers. The digital marketing process never ends and ideas take shape over time through refinement exercises.

Digital publishing is just 1 solution that can be used to shape a digital marketing campaign, or integrate with an offline campaign. Campaigns always have complex tendencies that will need to include expert notions that take on other digital marketing forms of expertise. To stay on the correct professional track it’s important that the digital marketer in training gain experience in crafting specialty solutions.

There’s a whole generation of developers out there, and they specialize in building applications. I’m no expert on building applications from scratch, but knowing how the components operate is much more important than performing a drag and drop to upload a file to a system. Yes, digital marketing is much more complex that performing simple back office operations on your website. Plainly put, there’s nothing simple about being a professional digital marketer.




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JAVATALK for the Business Professional Coffee Drinker


There are just some flavors that never get old or dull, especially when the flavor is poured onto your pallet perfectly every time. Most coffee drinkers tend to get their morning cup of joe while they are on the run, and about to be late for work. Coffee has become a big industry that caters to individual coffee lovers in very specific ways. The only catch is that in order to enjoy the big chain coffee houses and their hospitality people must go to their location. This could be inconvenient if you’re a business professional that is late for a Monday morning meeting. Why not just have a barista service that will serve up lovely cups of coffee and tea beverages during the Monday morning meeting? This approach will certainly create a more relaxed atmosphere around the office. This approach also makes it easier to takes notes during the first meeting of the week.

Among the coffee lovers there are the professional technology savvy individuals that just like to hide out in a quiet area of the coffee shop completing their daily tasks and online assignments. These professional JAVATALKERS can be found anywhere from Dunkin’s to that other huge global brand coffee shop. These JAVATALK guys and gals spend their days schlepping across town to find that their once comfortable special place is now overrun by annoying and unappreciative customers.

Certainly, there is a look on a JAVATALKER’s face when they sense that a barista is being given a hard time from a customer that does not value the services that the barista is providing. That look that the JAVATALKER makes, it is really humbling, it really says that people should be more compassionate and appreciative of the people that provide services to the public.

During long working hours or a quick coding session JAVATALK business technology professionals appreciate services that comes to them. JAVATALKERS especially value services that can come to them on a schedule. Exquisite Barista Services is a unique small business that will set up and deliver the goods on location. Exquisite Barista Services covers the local metro Charlotte, NC area. So far the demand for their set up and delivery service is picking up steadily.


People have always been delighted by the service that Leathia S. Hart provides through her specialty coffee, espresso, and tea business. Ms. Hart has made a name for herself, as the Exquisite Barista that supplies a whole arsenal specialty coffee drinks. No, Ms. Hart certainly isn’t serving up drip coffee, she has plenty of customers that become addicted to her good coffee. As one of her client’s put it, “Ms. Hart knows everything coffee”. Ms. Hart’s customers have a hard time waiting for her to come back for the next office party or office pre morning meeting event.

Although 2016 has been a kick off year for Exquisite Barista Services Ms. Hart has over 10 experience as a trained professional barista. Her passion for delivering full flavor coffees and espressos to many individuals from around the world has become second nature to Ms. Hart. Exquisite Barista Services is able to accomidate events in the Charlotte, NC if notified 48 hours ahead of time, an of course a deposit has been made.  Business is business, and JAVATALKERS certainly understand when business is made with the Exquisite Barista they will always get more than what they had expected.


Baristas and coffee experts across the globe have developed their own coffee cart marketing strategies, and the Australian entrepreneur Jason Hart has done this as well. Mr. Hart is a leading barista, and business savvy guy that has established his coffee cart business in Melbourne. Mr. Hart’s business is an example of how specialty barista services are catching on all around the world.


Coffee Cart Melbourne | Jason Hart | Mobile Barista




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Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC’s Lifestyle Services Brand Exquisite Barista Services is Taking on New Clients

The mobile delivery end of the coffee industry is finally coming into form and embracing new ways to satisfy their customers.

Charlotte, NC, April 09, 2016 –(– The coffee industry has exploded over the course of 3 decades and now competition is fierce among large brands with established coffee venues. It seems that the days of the local coffee shop may be numbered, especially when they do not offer customers additional incentives to frequent their local small and quaint establishments. The coffee industry is shifting in multiple directions. This industry is moving and gathering interest from the public on a global scale. The mobile delivery end of the coffee industry is finally coming into form and embracing new ways to satisfy their customers.

Exquisite Barista Services is changing how coffee is served up in the Charlotte, NC area. With the Exquisite Barista Services experience customers not only will have their coffees, espressos, and teas delivered to them, they will have their beverages made for them at their location. The beverages also have their own gourmet signature blends and unique flavors.

Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC has decided to put 50% of their resources into driving their event services brand Exquisite Barista Services. Ms. Leathia Hart, Exquisite Barista Services’ brand manager stated, “The brand and the mobile delivery concepts are both profitable, especially when people enjoy the quality of the service that is being provided to them.” Ms. Hart went on to state, “Customers value the fact that I come to them. They really appreciate and enjoy the experience.”

Metro Charlotte, NC is surrounded by businesses that fit into the business to business category that Exquisite Barista Service caters toward. Small to medium sized companies are ideal. The number of employees working at the ideal client locations range from 10 – 20 people. businesses are not the only clients that are provided service by Exquisite Barista Services. Individual and small event clients are welcome to experience Exquisite Barista Services as well. published a recent article on the extent to which Exquisite Barista Services is revolutionizing the mobile coffee industry. (

For more information about Exquisite Barista Services please visit:

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