Blockchains Create Exchange of Values Enabling Cryptos

All of the network business news channels are getting on board with speculating on the crypto token craze. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are almost a daily occurrence in the world of cryptocurrency. Many individuals don’t even realize that the new form of stored value that is happening in the digital age. Everything is going back to measuring production based on huge numbers of output. Where does this output come from? No it does not come from token exchange to token exchange, or even token exchange to currency.

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The engine that puts everything in motion is the blockchain. Think of the blockchain along the lines of being a virtual factory. A perfect factory where all of you consumer orders are processed. The factory sorts out the buyers and sellers of the goods, services, employers, investors, and developers. Many other jobs and components are involved in the process, but the are all completing multiple single assignments. All of these interactions are performed online within the blockchain.

I really loved talking about the network operations systems and a rough sketch of how a fully functional blockchain works in my book Advertising Overlord. Even now as cryptobits are being mined here in reality we all must be conscious of identifying value in the root of the economic activity. Short term gains and losses are evidence that the token swapping marketplace is very volatile.

When you understand the mechanics of it all you’ll come to understand the whole process and even get to know some of the blockchains that are in the marketplace. Many blockchains are now publicly traded companies listed on various trade exchange platforms. I usually don’t make endorsements on stocks, and I’m still not making an investment praise, or recommendation. I must say in this turbulent marketplace of manipulated stock prices and suppressed precious metals contracts there is one blockchain technology company that is clearly following the correct fundamental rules. Riot Blockchain, Inc, RIOT on NASDAQ, is combining essential action and progressive solutions with value. Valuable blockchain technology features have been rolled out in the accounting, telecommunications, and digital asset purchasing. RIOT has been on target and has partnered with some of the most innovative transaction solutions providers for the blockchain. RIOT like to call themselves “The Gateway To Blockhain”.

Keeping track of one transaction of the other has been a big issue in the past and has slowed the move forward into wider use of advanced digital technology. Digital asset tracking and assessing will be essential if you want to move fast in the digital era. To get in on the next fully integrated blockchain that travels through 30 or more industries you have to have the mindset to stay thinking ahead. I can’t even begin to explain how everything tracked through blockchain technology, but it is a technology that people are beginning to use comfortably. The digital marking and asset recognition system on the blockchain is really a remarkable funds holding company. Every individual now truly has the ability to globally move and exchange assets that they own, or lease. They can also contribute and add to the value of the transaction process or people can benefit from it, everything is equal. Time and the relative importance of the transactions will determine the underlying currency exchange value, cryptocurrency value.


Once your personal holding company has mined a few digital bits of crytocurrency here and there you’ll need to put the value that you earned in your wallet right? Of course you do. You’ll need to have an organized assortment of methods to be able to liquidate your digital currency into fiat cash. You can even keep your digital cash in your digital wallet and use your digital cash to purchase things online from companies that accept cryptocurrency payment, or allow payments from processors like Paypal.

Go ahead and set up your wallets so that you can start accepting and trading digital and cryptocurrencies. Here are my top 3 must have wallets:

  1. QoinPro

2. Cryptopay


Its amazing that technology has created confidence in a store of value that is completely transparent. Everyone has an opportunity to participate in creating and delivering all kinds of stored value through blockchain technology. Find time to understand the type of blockchain projects that interest you, and figure out which ones are worth investing in. You’ll benefit in the end when you’ll be able to be in control of where your earnings, savings, wealth and stored value show up on your personal financial balance sheet.


Hello, I'm Garland L. McLaughlin Author, Publisher, Ad Guy and Communications Agency Principal Consultant. I'm also the writer of the book "Demonstrations of Digital Marketing Professionalism" and Managing Director of Abundance Trade Group.

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