Satisfied by Over the Top Business Services?

In this tough environment of competitive business organizations will have to be able to satisfy all of their customers and not just their loyalists. Too many businesses with great services models and potential often fall into the trap of adjusting their business to primarily meet the demands of their long term customers. After all the data comes in about consumer buying habits businesses and organizations are particularly focused on reaching and satisfying all of their customer demographics.
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The fall numbers are coming in much better for retailers and small businesses needing to upgrade their technology infrastructure. Still the bottom line comes down to the raw sales numbers. In Americas economy we can see the scaling back of big box malls and retailer storefront locations. Many seem to suggest that the big online retailers like Amazon and Ebay are the storefronts for the future right here today. Sure these companies drive a large percentage of online commerce, but overall total online retail sale equal a little less than 10 percent of all retail activity in the United States. This all means that 90% of the marketplace actually finds deals from smaller businesses, and customers are only going back to businesses for a second go around if they are thoroughly satisfied with the services that they received.

With the high costs and overhead of retail office space business services are carving out their niche online. Organizations are beginning to understand how they can capitalize on attracting an everyday customer immediately by executing a customized digital marketing strategy. As the percentages of online retail consumers grows their will be a need for futuristic customer service professions that will continue sprouting about online. As these customer services models continue to expand online larger percentages of customers will utilize these quasi automated service systems. Professionals will be employed to train, develop, program, and sell systems which equate to traditional concierge services in the hospitality industry.

Businesses in the technology industry are preparing for the shift. They are preparing to be very lean and cost efficient, and they are preparing to continue to not only deliver their niche services beyond expectations, but they must become comfortable with delivering a more personal experience for customers by developing customized technology applications. Customer Relationship Management platforms have been the talk of the last few years and they give small businesses a  big advantage. CRMs allow regular mom and pop service operations’ to experience and put into action a wealth of opportunity management situations.

You cannot just make assumptions that customers are satisfied with the overall service that you have provided to them. You do not have to guess either. CRMs are remarkably customisable and even a whole new industry of Customer Service Relationship Management Software providers have even carved out their own industry in recent years. Using customer management and contact management tools, businesses can integrate these tools into the culture of their business acquisition teams. Getting the whole organization familiar with customer interaction procedures greatly increases the opportunity of not only making the sale, but increasing the satisfaction level of your long term customers. 
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Hello, I'm Garland L. McLaughlin Author, Publisher, Ad Guy and Communications Agency Principal Consultant. I'm also the writer of the book "Demonstrations of Digital Marketing Professionalism" and Managing Director of Abundance Trade Group.

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