JAVATALK for the Business Professional Coffee Drinker


There are just some flavors that never get old or dull, especially when the flavor is poured onto your pallet perfectly every time. Most coffee drinkers tend to get their morning cup of joe while they are on the run, and about to be late for work. Coffee has become a big industry that caters to individual coffee lovers in very specific ways. The only catch is that in order to enjoy the big chain coffee houses and their hospitality people must go to their location. This could be inconvenient if you’re a business professional that is late for a Monday morning meeting. Why not just have a barista service that will serve up lovely cups of coffee and tea beverages during the Monday morning meeting? This approach will certainly create a more relaxed atmosphere around the office. This approach also makes it easier to takes notes during the first meeting of the week.

Among the coffee lovers there are the professional technology savvy individuals that just like to hide out in a quiet area of the coffee shop completing their daily tasks and online assignments. These professional JAVATALKERS can be found anywhere from Dunkin’s to that other huge global brand coffee shop. These JAVATALK guys and gals spend their days schlepping across town to find that their once comfortable special place is now overrun by annoying and unappreciative customers.

Certainly, there is a look on a JAVATALKER’s face when they sense that a barista is being given a hard time from a customer that does not value the services that the barista is providing. That look that the JAVATALKER makes, it is really humbling, it really says that people should be more compassionate and appreciative of the people that provide services to the public.

During long working hours or a quick coding session JAVATALK business technology professionals appreciate services that comes to them. JAVATALKERS especially value services that can come to them on a schedule. Exquisite Barista Services is a unique small business that will set up and deliver the goods on location. Exquisite Barista Services covers the local metro Charlotte, NC area. So far the demand for their set up and delivery service is picking up steadily.


People have always been delighted by the service that Leathia S. Hart provides through her specialty coffee, espresso, and tea business. Ms. Hart has made a name for herself, as the Exquisite Barista that supplies a whole arsenal specialty coffee drinks. No, Ms. Hart certainly isn’t serving up drip coffee, she has plenty of customers that become addicted to her good coffee. As one of her client’s put it, “Ms. Hart knows everything coffee”. Ms. Hart’s customers have a hard time waiting for her to come back for the next office party or office pre morning meeting event.

Although 2016 has been a kick off year for Exquisite Barista Services Ms. Hart has over 10 experience as a trained professional barista. Her passion for delivering full flavor coffees and espressos to many individuals from around the world has become second nature to Ms. Hart. Exquisite Barista Services is able to accomidate events in the Charlotte, NC if notified 48 hours ahead of time, an of course a deposit has been made.  Business is business, and JAVATALKERS certainly understand when business is made with the Exquisite Barista they will always get more than what they had expected.


Baristas and coffee experts across the globe have developed their own coffee cart marketing strategies, and the Australian entrepreneur Jason Hart has done this as well. Mr. Hart is a leading barista, and business savvy guy that has established his coffee cart business in Melbourne. Mr. Hart’s business is an example of how specialty barista services are catching on all around the world.


Coffee Cart Melbourne | Jason Hart | Mobile Barista




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Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC’s Lifestyle Services Brand Exquisite Barista Services is Taking on New Clients

The mobile delivery end of the coffee industry is finally coming into form and embracing new ways to satisfy their customers.

Charlotte, NC, April 09, 2016 –(– The coffee industry has exploded over the course of 3 decades and now competition is fierce among large brands with established coffee venues. It seems that the days of the local coffee shop may be numbered, especially when they do not offer customers additional incentives to frequent their local small and quaint establishments. The coffee industry is shifting in multiple directions. This industry is moving and gathering interest from the public on a global scale. The mobile delivery end of the coffee industry is finally coming into form and embracing new ways to satisfy their customers.

Exquisite Barista Services is changing how coffee is served up in the Charlotte, NC area. With the Exquisite Barista Services experience customers not only will have their coffees, espressos, and teas delivered to them, they will have their beverages made for them at their location. The beverages also have their own gourmet signature blends and unique flavors.

Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC has decided to put 50% of their resources into driving their event services brand Exquisite Barista Services. Ms. Leathia Hart, Exquisite Barista Services’ brand manager stated, “The brand and the mobile delivery concepts are both profitable, especially when people enjoy the quality of the service that is being provided to them.” Ms. Hart went on to state, “Customers value the fact that I come to them. They really appreciate and enjoy the experience.”

Metro Charlotte, NC is surrounded by businesses that fit into the business to business category that Exquisite Barista Service caters toward. Small to medium sized companies are ideal. The number of employees working at the ideal client locations range from 10 – 20 people. businesses are not the only clients that are provided service by Exquisite Barista Services. Individual and small event clients are welcome to experience Exquisite Barista Services as well. published a recent article on the extent to which Exquisite Barista Services is revolutionizing the mobile coffee industry. (

For more information about Exquisite Barista Services please visit:

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New Ideas From

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Principal of Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC Accepts Position with Lost and Found Inc.

Charlotte, NC, February 15, 2016 –(– As a digital marketing consultant Garland L. McLaughlin has worked with some very impressive companies over the last 10 years. His experience in project management has led him to work in a multi functional capacity on numerous marketing campaigns. Mr. McLaughlin has worked providing creative marketing solutions within the financial, technology, and entertainment communities. With Mr. McLaughlin’s latest career move he will be working as a marketing consultant for the financial expense management firm Lost & Found Inc.

Mr. McLaughlin will be utilizing all of his digital and traditional marketing knowledge with Lost & Found Inc., and he will also hold the position of Principal for Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC. “I am glad to be working in both of the industries that I’ve come to love, financial services and digital marketing. Lost & Found is one of only a handful of expense management firms that has specific auditing practices designed for 6 major industries,” Mr. McLaughlin stated. “I’ve longed to be part of a growing company that values my analytical, creative, and results driven skills. I really appreciate Lost & Found’s leadership team, they really understand development and dedication. Mr. Joseph Wiseman and Mr. Jeff Lavoie both have experience guiding companies on the right path during the financial decision making process. I’m just glad to be a part of what they are doing.”

Lost & Found Corporation is a client centric organization that is focused on improving the bottom line of mid sized companies by recovering over payments and reducing their operating costs via expense optimization in 6 business sectors. Businesses are always on the lookout and eager to investigate tax reduction strategies that will help improve their bottom lines comfortably. Through traditional marketing strategy and digital marketing execution Mr. McLaughlin will be focusing on initiating business development for Lost & Found Inc. “On the business development side of the business potential clients are on every street. Being able to reach businesses with 10 million to 10 billion dollars in revenue isn’t the problem, and payment processors aren’t the problem. Business decision makers need to carefully examine their relationships with their expense account managers. Lost & Found knows what these expense managers may not care to share.”

Mr. McLaughlin has worked as an agency producer in the financial and marketing industries on a contingency basis. In fact Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC started out accepting clients for their marketing services using the contingency fee based business model. Lost and Found Inc. provides financial services for their clients completely on a contingency basis. Lost & Found Inc. provides opportunities for savings in five of their clients’ expense areas (merchant service fees, telecommunications, waste, bank fees, and cost segregation). The website provides contact information and in depth briefings of Lost & Found Inc.’s services.







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When Does Your Content Get Old?

It’s not only that people aren’t paying attention anymore, they aren’t following. Many marketers, even with years of experience can sometimes make this mistake. Does your content speak to the season? Is your content flexible and adaptable? Can you easily answer those questions?

Business and marketing in this economy seems to look ineffective on the surface, but media, partnerships, and product delivery strategy come in handy in an environment where people change their minds so quickly. Following the trends is one thing and reacting to the data is another.

It is sometimes funny to see how the projected sales numbers actually look like after the winter holiday season. Oh yes, retailers have their minds set on focusing their campaigns on making a killing at the close of the second quarter, and the year. Quite often things don’t turn out as planned and the softer side of things turns up on the back side of the brand running the campaign strategy. Oh sure, there are ad guys to blame and creative teams to blame, because this idea or another idea didn’t work. An actor in the commercial was positioned wrong or the print photography came out wrong. Who knows? The real data knows.

Let’s just say the initial confidence of your superior marketing strategy wears off and reality sets in.  You know something is not right with the numbers. Many people are going to the campaign website, but little or any goals are converting. What do you do then? What do you do if your supply chain management cannot handle the amount of potential customers, and you lose customers? There are hundreds of other scenarios that can affect your bottom line as a result of relying on instinctive marketing strategies.

As you can tell I love to connect numbers as values to situations and circumstances. To most the methodology doesn’t make sense, but in the world of marketing economics it all makes sense. Baseball legend Willie Keeler said it best, ““Keep your eye on the ball and hit ‘em where they ain’t,” yeah that’s the best remedy if your marketing spend budget isn’t a few million or better.

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When You Just Know the Right Thing to Do

Experience has taught us all lessons, especially in dealing with communications management. Different departments focus on different areas of management, but experience has led me to be more cross functional. I understand budgets, inventory, sales projections, and accounting, and advertising and focused brands realize that about our agency management style. It all goes back to the fusion of things.ECC LLC Magazine Covers

Publications, marketing strategy, creative partnerships all play a part in the Exquisite Fusion. Branding is the most important factor that will determine how long any particular brand will survive in the digital and mobile economy. Of course costs can’t be left out of the factoring. There are shipping and product improvement costs here and there, but generally the product is superiorly sound and you’ll know just what to do to ensure success with the brand you’re managing.

The elements don’t have to be perfect, but they must work to generate general awareness that which will attract interest. Any brand with quality standards will have this ability. Finding the connections and niche marketing channels will be the next step in securing logical data and results that will push a brand forward. Fine tuning the results can be achieved by cross instituting the elements that are driving the scenarios.

It’s just magic how automation can be set up to work to mimic and reflect life like experiences. When the brand takes on a form of its own, it’s simply because people are hearing about it. The measurement and results are what’s important. Traffic to your website equals? Traffic to your event (online or offline) equals? The answer is results. 

Results need to have some kind of a guarantee behind them in order to register as positive results. Anyone could produce negative results and still make a sale. Do you want your brand to be looked at as a cheap imitation brand? I certainly didn’t think you would.

By using internal and budget allowance data is very easy to determine the market and figure out how to position a brand and have it speaks in its unique quality and tone. Inferior brand need not apply.

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Press Release: RBR PR and Advertising Partners with Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC

Two very unique marketing agencies are combining their efforts to dominate public relations and digital marketing services in the southeast. Both agencies have determined that by combining their efforts they will be able to put a new spin on how clients are managed and services are delivered in the marketing industry.

RBR (Rage Bella Ra’) PR and Advertising specializes in providing unique event and entertainment marketing solutions, they also brand lifestyle concepts. Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC delivers digital marketing strategy and tailor made content creation, along with publications services. Both agencies will be coming together to execute their marketing expertise and promote The PR Plan.

The PR Plan: Own Your Own Brand book has been written by Moni’soi Humes, founder and CEO of RBR PR and Advertising, Heaven on Earth, Inc. is the publisher of the book. The PR Plan book is a must have blueprint for young and old businesses alike that are striving to set themselves apart in the digital and mobile business atmospheres of the world today. Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC will handle the sales management aspect of the newly published book as well as provide digital marketing strategy and technology advisory services to RBR PR and Advertising.


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Building Business Alliances and Partnerships

   Image result for Partnerships

   Developing partnerships to help push businesses forward is an important part of creating a successful business model. The timing has to be right and the partnership has to make sense for both businesses. By creating partnerships business could possibly have strong advantages against their nearest competitors. If a partnership does not make sense there could possibly be multiple factors that attribute to it not making sense. Following through with an unsensible plan to partner up will likely have an adverse effect on your business in the short and long run.

   Businesses often wonder how they can virtually control their marketplace by aligning with other businesses that have similar goals. They must first take into consideration whether or not the business partner that they are looking to work with is in the same industry as they are in. They must also look at and study how their potential partner goes about doing business. It would be highly unlikely that a partnership would make sense if both parties were in the same industry and they are both chasing after the same clients. Image result for Partnerships

Analyzing and understanding both businesses partnership goals are very important. Knowing what each business can offer the other is very important. If two businesses decide that they want to partner up and they cannot find any mutual benefits among each other then it really does not make sense to go ahead with the partnership. Knowing how both businesses or organizations operate will save time and speed up the partnership initiation process, or not. For example it would probably make sense for business A to partner with business B if business B has a dynamic distribution process and business A has solid products or services to offer. Business A benefits by rapidly getting their product in the marketplace and business B benefits because they will have a reputation for being the people that get products and services into the right hands.

Partnerships are not always so simple as business A and business B coming together. Complex partnerships have been known to form between multiple corporations. These complex relationships could possibly revolutionize an industry or service. In the manufacturing industry this is often the case. Manufacturers must determine who they will partner with to supply them the materials to produce products. They must know who they will they partner with to ship and deliver the products, and quite often they have to partner with another company to sell their products. There are also many other facets that go along with who they will be partnering with. Putting it all together will be micromanagement at its best. Thorough examination and execution must happen and it must all happen quickly and cost effectively.

Image result for Partnerships

   The key factors of partnerships are that it does not matter whether the partnerships that are being formed are simple or complex, they just need to make sense. Partnerships have to work correctly to make the businesses money.

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The Network is a Network that reward and pays specialized service professionals for their time experience and

Garland McLaughlin - Is On Contrib.comeven their expert advice. actually revolutionizes the may marketing professionals can gain new client projects and stay on top of their workflow. They have the IT experience that has developed over 20,000 database integrated websites and applications since 1996. Alot of companies out there online claim that they are leaders in one area of digital marketing or another, but they only rely on a few case studies to prove that their strategies and techniques are sufficient for this era in digital marketing and business in general.

The contribution process allows participant members complex options for obtaining part time work, partnerships, getting funding for start-ups, and so many other opportunities present themselves through I’m sure that you’ll be hearing about partnerships being formed, or that The Consultingguy is a PR Manager for one startup or another.

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What We are Watching…

It seems that now everything has an influence on our tastes. The designers are really making it easy for marketers to come up with strategies to make trends move. What messages are visual marketing techniques sending to consumers? Is visual branding good for your business?

Putting the thought process together involves fusing complex technology with everyday application. Giving the audience something to see is always in the back of the campaign strategists mind. Getting the right message out to the public in a fair way and making your brand stand out is the key important factor. Having visually engaging material is the foundation for success.

There are a few distribution sources out there. Response to digital strategies has its advantages. In the digital age visual is an evermore going important component that must be utilized to reach your customers. Elation Air is a premier distribution channel that is revolutionizing digital marketing strategies in the entertainment industry.

Your customers can relate to being taken to a far off place in there minds. It is easy to connect imagination with every day life. If the digital advertising does not keep the attention of your viewer, then you need to change your strategy and approach.

Entertaining has become one of the best communications methods for educating inquiring minds. A new television and multimedia show will be airing in the Charlotte, NC area and they are using visuals to take advantage of their digital marketing strategies…

You decide. Is coming up with a visual branding strategy the right strategy for your digital marketing campaign?

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