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Within the last couple of years the digital marketing profession has taken off. Marketing professionals with hints of interest in exploring digital marketing have discovered the complex nature of the business. One particular firm pays attention to satisfying there customers through online and social selling while another firm may simply only sell customer relationship management tools. Quite often it will be impossible for businesses to bridge the gap between real time and digital time. The gap will never be filled, and this would certainly be the case for a business that did not put cost efficient digital processes into place, at their own expense.

It’s not simple advertising anymore and digital marketing is made to look easy. A complete digital strategy never looks or sounds like an easy task to be executed, it just works perfectly.

You don’t have to look far to see plenty of digital retailers that have devised schemes to align their niche digital application as being the best in market. Sometimes other applications are needed to work in conjunction with the “best in market” device. In other cases the retailer suggests that customers upgrade their services by purchasing more expensive service packages.

The digital marketing professional has much to look out for as well. These professionals have a constant craving for passionately delivering improved services with every new client. An efficient digital marketer is always looking for ways to incorporate the latest application into their overall digital strategies, not just sell the application. A real digital marketing professional isn’t a technology solutions sales representative. Professional marketers, in one form or another, can demonstrate how individual digital marketing communications skills are used in the field.

The industry has turned to giving the right information to potential customers, and marketing professionals need to take time and absorb a couple of lessons in conducting digital marketing practices. Eben Pagan is a leading marketing professional with an expertise in everything marketing. Mr. Pagan has created 10 businesses with the purpose of teaching others how to succeed by using his marketing strategies and techniques. Mr. Pagan has created training modules and online instructional courses that have gained attention from everyday people, as well as marketing professionals the world over. Mr. Pagan is able to tie traditional marketing concepts with digital marketing strategy and execution tactics. This is all explained through various online modules and video lectures Mr. Pagan is featured in.

“Effective Marketing Strategies” with Eben Pagan

Video –

As a digital marketing professional I have also entered the ring, and see the value of giving digital marketing instruction to those who are interested. “Demonstrations of Digital Marketing Professionalism” was published this year and is currently giving people an inside view into the world of digital marketing. The book is 12 chapters long and focuses on practicing the routines that create examples of well- rounded marketing professionals. Some of the techniques and skills are easy to learn others take time to develop.

cover and spine

As a writer and digital publisher I’m constantly working to create more value and benefits for my readers. The digital marketing process never ends and ideas take shape over time through refinement exercises.

Digital publishing is just 1 solution that can be used to shape a digital marketing campaign, or integrate with an offline campaign. Campaigns always have complex tendencies that will need to include expert notions that take on other digital marketing forms of expertise. To stay on the correct professional track it’s important that the digital marketer in training gain experience in crafting specialty solutions.

There’s a whole generation of developers out there, and they specialize in building applications. I’m no expert on building applications from scratch, but knowing how the components operate is much more important than performing a drag and drop to upload a file to a system. Yes, digital marketing is much more complex that performing simple back office operations on your website. Plainly put, there’s nothing simple about being a professional digital marketer.




Hello, I'm Garland L. McLaughlin Author, Publisher, Ad Guy and Communications Agency Principal Consultant. I'm also the writer of the book "Demonstrations of Digital Marketing Professionalism" and Managing Director of Abundance Trade Group.

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