Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC’s Lifestyle Services Brand Exquisite Barista Services is Taking on New Clients

The mobile delivery end of the coffee industry is finally coming into form and embracing new ways to satisfy their customers.

Charlotte, NC, April 09, 2016 –(PR.com)– The coffee industry has exploded over the course of 3 decades and now competition is fierce among large brands with established coffee venues. It seems that the days of the local coffee shop may be numbered, especially when they do not offer customers additional incentives to frequent their local small and quaint establishments. The coffee industry is shifting in multiple directions. This industry is moving and gathering interest from the public on a global scale. The mobile delivery end of the coffee industry is finally coming into form and embracing new ways to satisfy their customers.

Exquisite Barista Services is changing how coffee is served up in the Charlotte, NC area. With the Exquisite Barista Services experience customers not only will have their coffees, espressos, and teas delivered to them, they will have their beverages made for them at their location. The beverages also have their own gourmet signature blends and unique flavors.

Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC has decided to put 50% of their resources into driving their event services brand Exquisite Barista Services. Ms. Leathia Hart, Exquisite Barista Services’ brand manager stated, “The brand and the mobile delivery concepts are both profitable, especially when people enjoy the quality of the service that is being provided to them.” Ms. Hart went on to state, “Customers value the fact that I come to them. They really appreciate and enjoy the experience.”

Metro Charlotte, NC is surrounded by businesses that fit into the business to business category that Exquisite Barista Service caters toward. Small to medium sized companies are ideal. The number of employees working at the ideal client locations range from 10 – 20 people. businesses are not the only clients that are provided service by Exquisite Barista Services. Individual and small event clients are welcome to experience Exquisite Barista Services as well.

VISIONLAUNCH.com published a recent article on the extent to which Exquisite Barista Services is revolutionizing the mobile coffee industry. (http://www.visionlaunch.com/javatalk-business-professional-coffee-drinker/)

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