Building Business Alliances and Partnerships

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   Developing partnerships to help push businesses forward is an important part of creating a successful business model. The timing has to be right and the partnership has to make sense for both businesses. By creating partnerships business could possibly have strong advantages against their nearest competitors. If a partnership does not make sense there could possibly be multiple factors that attribute to it not making sense. Following through with an unsensible plan to partner up will likely have an adverse effect on your business in the short and long run.

   Businesses often wonder how they can virtually control their marketplace by aligning with other businesses that have similar goals. They must first take into consideration whether or not the business partner that they are looking to work with is in the same industry as they are in. They must also look at and study how their potential partner goes about doing business. It would be highly unlikely that a partnership would make sense if both parties were in the same industry and they are both chasing after the same clients. Image result for Partnerships

Analyzing and understanding both businesses partnership goals are very important. Knowing what each business can offer the other is very important. If two businesses decide that they want to partner up and they cannot find any mutual benefits among each other then it really does not make sense to go ahead with the partnership. Knowing how both businesses or organizations operate will save time and speed up the partnership initiation process, or not. For example it would probably make sense for business A to partner with business B if business B has a dynamic distribution process and business A has solid products or services to offer. Business A benefits by rapidly getting their product in the marketplace and business B benefits because they will have a reputation for being the people that get products and services into the right hands.

Partnerships are not always so simple as business A and business B coming together. Complex partnerships have been known to form between multiple corporations. These complex relationships could possibly revolutionize an industry or service. In the manufacturing industry this is often the case. Manufacturers must determine who they will partner with to supply them the materials to produce products. They must know who they will they partner with to ship and deliver the products, and quite often they have to partner with another company to sell their products. There are also many other facets that go along with who they will be partnering with. Putting it all together will be micromanagement at its best. Thorough examination and execution must happen and it must all happen quickly and cost effectively.

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   The key factors of partnerships are that it does not matter whether the partnerships that are being formed are simple or complex, they just need to make sense. Partnerships have to work correctly to make the businesses money.


Hello, I'm Garland L. McLaughlin Author, Publisher, Ad Guy and Communications Agency Principal Consultant. I'm also the writer of the book "Demonstrations of Digital Marketing Professionalism" and Managing Director of Abundance Trade Group.

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