Business and Flexible Marketing Budgeting

   Its something that is often swept under the rug, and in accidental on purpose way. Every business has a flexible marketing budget, are they using it wisely?

Image result for picture of looking at a budget   Flexible spending accounts have their perks, and large corps that the budgets to do this for their employees are entitled to do so. Small business no not have such a flexible bank account, and this is where true creative engineering has to take place.

They don’t like to call them what they are anymore…”Ad Dollars” and those nickels and quarters play pivotal roles in  securing online revenue. Adjusting your business to working with a  consulting  practice  that helps your business see what needs to change allows your marketing budget to work a real plan for your business. Leave the creative and implementation of the marketing strategy up to the consultants and the experts. Everything will be integrated by one method or another, and then measurable data happens.

   When the conditions are right and your brand of business is positioned accordingly you stand to gain 40 new customers over the next 1 – 3 months. Are these customers worth a $5,000.00 investment to you and your business? It’s an investment decision that could gain customer loyalty and repeat business month after month.

   Finding the right flexible design will of course have to accommodate a variety of production and delivery services options. First things first, put priorities that matter most on the line. It is up to you and up to you alone to identify what a mere $5,000 could do for your business, or identify that in the past, over short periods of time, $5000 or more has been lost or misappropriated.  This is why it is always important for businesses to be honesty with the marketing team that represents them. The marketing team and communications partners are committed to making your business brand better than it was, and in the long run a successful model.

   There are plenty of digital and m-commerce models to replicate these days. Big brands have consumers freely sharing marketing data and techniques that are getting them free results in the long run. With the unbounded and ever-changing terrain of technology the marketing budget has and will continue to dominate the conversation.

   People often use to ask us, “how many customers do you have from the internet?” Or, “how many hits does your website get?”

These were typical questions, but the answer is how can we realign your business budget to create a positive campaign for you?


Hello, I'm Garland L. McLaughlin Author, Publisher, Ad Guy and Communications Agency Principal Consultant. I'm also the writer of the book "Demonstrations of Digital Marketing Professionalism" and Managing Director of Abundance Trade Group.

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