While searching the internet I came across an article that inspired me to write this blog post.  So I wanted to pose this question to our readers. Are you getting what you deserve from your current marketing team?  If you are then Kudos! But if you aren’t satisfied with the results you are getting now, what would you like to change?

As a business owner you need to constantly be asking questions about the validity of any and every one on your team. The Key Players in your Management, Sales and Marketing areas are especially sensitive areas of your business that require special and specific attention.  In business and in life everything matters. There needs to a processes in place that ensure everything runs smoothly and seamlessly.

So how do you know that you have the right team, the people who are passionate, dedicated and actually have something to offer to the growth of your company?  First off being objective about what your customers are saying about your business, how they view you in the marketplace is a critical point in your business.

If your team is constantly battling, not accepting responsibility for their actions, putting off critical work that needs to be handled in a timely manner, constantly late or uninterested in the work they are expected to perform, then you may have a problem that isn’t always easy to correct or recognize until it’s too late.

Not all businesses are created equal but a good marketing agency is extremely knowledgeable about current business practices that will ultimately save you time and money.  They are the ones in your corner when everyone else is too busy or uninterested in helping you be successful in the particular business goals you have set out to achieve. Your agency is meant to be your guiding light in the middle of the storm. And on days when things are good they bask with you in your success.

They are driven by results and have the insight, creativity and professionalism that allows you to build a valuable relationship that can be a major benefit to both sides.  A great agency listens with compassion and realistic minds, no one wants to work with people who don’t pull their weight or don’t do the things they said they could do. An even more devastating event is when the team you put your trust into lets you down with their lack of concern or insight. This can be painstakingly disappointing for business owners of any size, in any marketplace. Not to mention the people on your team who are actually doing their jobs properly.

With so much change taking place in the way business is done today, it should never be a bad idea to have people in your corner. People who have a genuine interest in what your business model entails. Your Marketing Team is the backbone of your company, next to CEO’s and founders they are the second most important part of your business. Always dreaming up ideas to make daily business operations run more smoothly and effectively.

Smart agencies are in tune with how consumers operate and what they expect from a wide variety of business types.

Here are a few key points to look for in a credible agency:

  • Produces Positive Results.
  • Professional.
  • Digital Media Oriented.
  • Timely.
  • In-depth Industry Knowledge.
  • Creativity. (Thinks Outside the Box)
  • Technologically Savvy.
  • Organization.
  • Diversity in Capabilities. (Design, Writing, Research, etc.)
  • Genuine Interest in Your Business.
  • Listens and Understands Your Businesses Specific Needs.
  • They are Always Honest and Forthcoming with you about everything.
  • Setting Realistic Goals Based on Real-Time Measured Data.
  • Is Willing to Go the Extra Mile.
  • Makes Your Business Needs a Top Priority.

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I love to be creative and shed light on various issues in business. As President I am always looking for ways to expand on our mission and vision. Helping others is a passion of mines that will never cease.

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