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Personal branding has become one of the most talked about features as it relates to online social media activities. Reputations have been lost and gained due to the activity that people do online, someone is always watching. Many folks out there in the world don’t realize that HR managers are keen to reviewing potentials candidates via their online profiles and then determining if the candidate is suitable for employment. Business deals also have been won or lost due to a potential business partner checking out the prospect’s online activities.

Pictures, images, offensive behavior, and other activities can all have a negative effect on how individuals are viewed online. Personal branding can also have an effect on an individual in social circles. For most in search of an opportunity to better their situation their reputation is the best thing going for them. Making a conscious effort to protect ones reputation is of prime importance.

Our agency conducted a case study for the personal online branding company and we found some insightful revelations. Everyone that has an online profile has a SOCIALCHECK score, which is much like a credit score. This score reflects how people look at each other online. The score determines an individual’s marketability and reputation. The SOCIALCHECK solution also gives individuals a report and makes recommendations for improving an individual’s personal brands. The report also points out the facts of what a person is doing right as well, so individuals will have a well-rounded picture of how they influence their online audiences.


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