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The creative team of a marketing agency is an essential team that comes up with the creative wording and visuals for advertising and media campaigns. Being a creative professional is a lot of hard work and requires lengthy hours of dedication. Managing the creative team of an agency requires that account managers are organized and in tune with the creative vision of the campaign that is being initiated.

Most agencies around the globe have the ability to have a creative team on site and in-house. Using the in-house approach saves time and funds in the long run. Hiring outside help and freelancers to complete a creative project often puts a campaign over budget, and now the agency is operating in the red. In most cases agencies that swear by their in-house creative team are more resourceful and come up with brilliant campaign ideas that win awards for their ideas.  Creative teams should not be over managed. They should have free range to be as creative as they need to be to communicate the proper message that sends customers to their clients online or offline locations.


Freelance creative individuals don’t have the inside track on knowing what exactly a client wants for their campaign. When a freelancer is hired to work on a project that requires a unique visual perspective a disconnection occurs, because the creative visual professional does not have a team of individuals to rely on. They will be relying on their own talents and intuition, and sometimes their own stale ideas from the past resurface. This is not quality work at all and their not so fresh ideas come out into the open when the campaign is delivered to the client.

Putting in quality time to come up with that original idea is essential. The in-house team has the time and capacity to do just this. Managing the creative team’s time that is spent on delivering that great idea is of great importance. If a team is assigned a deadline to come up with an idea they need to prepare to have the idea ready before the deadline. By doing this the team can correct any mistakes and avoid any headaches or embarrassment.  A creative team only has one chance to get things right, so they must get it right the first time, or when the campaign is initially launched.


Clients that put their trust in marketing and advertising agencies know that the creative element is an important piece of the message they are looking to convey to their customers. This is why in many cases the creative work of an agency is thought to be the most important element of a project. In fact the individuals of the create team do drive the strategy and development of marketing campaigns.


Hello, I'm Garland L. McLaughlin Author, Publisher, Ad Guy and Communications Agency Principal Consultant. I'm also the writer of the book "Demonstrations of Digital Marketing Professionalism" and Managing Director of Abundance Trade Group.

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