Using Consumer Data Correctly

Around the holidays business are usually expecting to see a boost in the sales of their products and services. This is evident due to the fact that there are traditional sales trends that are followed, and these trends indicate to business owners when sales are at their highest and lowest peaks. Getting the right information is critical in preparing for busy seasons of the year. Business owners most have the right amount of inventory in stock to supply their customers and coming up with the wrong analysis could possibly ruin a business.

Understanding consumer data is critical for marketing business services and products as well. Business owners have a number of methods available to them that will help drive customers to their locations of business through the marketing process. It is common for businesses to conduct surveys right before the holiday seasons or major events to get a feel of what their customers are looking to purchase. If a business has a website the business should also be tracking analytical data, web traffic patterns, and contacts that have been made by prospective customers through email.

Answers to Your Critical Business Questions

How do I stack up against other companies?

Benchmark yourself to know if you’re winning audience and mindshare over your closest competitors.

What are my competitors
doing to succeed?

Leverage competitive intelligence to expose their strategy and identify their most valuable traffic sources.

What should I do to
improve and how?

Implement customized SEO and site recommendations to increase the value of your site.

Is my strategy

Directly measure 100% of your real traffic to ensure your strategy is optimized and your budget well spent.

Developing techniques that hold the customers attention is also part of monitoring the consumer data process. It is important to understand which techniques work, which don’t, and which techniques need just a little refining. In many cases businesses fail to make adjustments to their marketing and awareness techniques and this is where a stumbling blocks come into play.

There isn’t a silver bullet or 1 definitive method, in the analytical stages, that is going to work all the time. Business owners need to be able to adjust their priorities so that their business priorities fall in line with the consumer data that has been given. By using the data successful businesses can come up with plans that are flexible and can be adjusted in the long run, but satisfy the immediate business needs.

Small businesses have run into the problem of not knowing how to use the data that has been provided, therefore they are stuck in a rut and they rely on “old school” methods that don’t make the grade in this century. The average small business is unable to hire a crack team of experts that can analyze data rather quickly and come up with solutions that move the business forward. Marketing and forecasting software solutions are available to small businesses at a fraction of the cost for hiring an expert analytics team, but without the expert on hand they are still left in the dark.

At our communications agency we bill our clients according to what they need, the size or their business, and the end results of what they are given. If a business has been in stagnation for a long period of time this means our agency is going to have to work to solve the problems at hand over the course of a 6 month to 1 year time line. This will allow us to discover new data, improve the sales process, and build a more loyal base among their customers. In the short run if a business has not been performing well our job would be to use client information to come up with better predictable results. A campaign and strategy would then be put in place, and we would deliver and execute these strategies which will provide more revenue and sales for the business in the long and short run.


Hello, I'm Garland L. McLaughlin Author, Publisher, Ad Guy and Communications Agency Principal Consultant. I'm also the writer of the book "Demonstrations of Digital Marketing Professionalism" and Managing Director of Abundance Trade Group.

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